Chris Cranium: New bassist found!

When the circus left town, they left one of them behind. The clown that had been known to disappear for days followed by unsolved murders in the area. Instead of circus arenas, Chris Cranium can now be seen on stages around the world with THE OTHER.

Chris Cranium is the successor of bassist Aaron Torn who had been in the band for a good 2 years, recored the praised "Fear Itself" album with THE OTHER and toured with Europe's No. 1 Horror Punk band through Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

THE OTHER's upcoming shows with new member Chris Cranium will be:

July 17th - Köln - Essigfabrik (with IGNITE)
Aug 4th - WACKEN - Wacken Open Air (with Iron Maiden etc.)
Aug 19th - Dinkelbühl - Summer Breeze Open Air (with Steel Panther, Parkway Drive etc.)
Aug 27th - Siegburg - Kubana
Sept. 7h - Lünen - Wreck n Roll Festival
Oct. 30th - Frankfurt - Das Bett (with Bloodsucking Zombies)
Oct. 31st - Köln - Underground (with Bloodsucking Zombies)

Aaron Torn leaves THE OTHER

A statement from THE OTHER about Aaron Torn's departure:

"After only two years we have to say goodbye to bassist Aaron Torn. Aaron decided to leave The Other to pursue different musical projects. We are very sad to announce the passing of yet another bandmember and a good friend and musician. We would have wanted things to be different and finally have a stable line-up again. We have never thrown anybody out of the band, we are friends with all ex-members of The Other, they come to our shows or to rehearsals, they play songs live with us (like Andy Only recently), they sing backings in the studio and we meet and drink together.

The good news is that we have always returned stronger after a line-up change and we are sure that this will be the case again.
If it weren’t for all of you out there who support the band and follow us through the hard times, we would not be here any more. So bear with us, believe in us and give us the chance to keep The Other going. A big thank you to all you supporters/listeners/fans out there. And a big thank you to Aaron for two awesome years and the great tours of Germany, UK and the USA, some big festivals and our best album „Fear Itself“ together. Good luck on your way."

Up next for the band? See for yourself at these shows:

July 9th - Lünen - Brunnenfest/Alternastage (FREE show)
July 17th - Köln - Essigfabrik (with IGNITE)
Aug 4th - WACKEN - Wacken Open Air (with Iron Maiden etc.)
Aug 19th - Dinkelbühl - Summer Breeze Open Air (with Steel Panther, Parkway Drive etc.)
Aug 27th - Siegburg - Kubana
Sept. 7h - Lünen - Wreck n Roll Festival
Oct. 30th - Frankfurt - Das Bett (with Bloodsucking Zombies)
Oct. 31st - Köln - Underground (with Bloodsucking Zombies)


THE OTHER will play only two Hell Nights Shows this year to concentrate on writing new material for the follow-up album to "Fear Itself".
The band's annual live-dates will take place with long-time friends BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE (Autria) and new buddies AL B. DAMNED from England.


October 30, 2014: Frankfurt - Das Bett (Info and Tickets)

October 31, 2014: Köln - Underground (Infos and Tickets)


Exklusive deutsche Headline-Show von IGNITE zum neuen Album! Europas Horrorpunks Nr. 1 THE OTHER supporten.

Nachdem die Orange County-Veteranen auf Platz 12 der deutschen Album-Charts mit ihrem neuen Album ``A War Against You`` (das erste Ignite-Album seit 2006!) einsteigen konnten, spielen sie im Sommer 2016 eine Handvoll europäischer Festivals sowie eine deutsche Headline-Show.

Support: THE OTHER

Find all infos here!

Tickets here!

The Other with Rantanplan

THE OTHER will be supporting the well-known Ska-Punk band RANTANPLAN in Lünen/Germany (near Dortmund) on July 9TH at the ALTERNASTAGE at the FREE BRINKHOFF'S BRUNNENFESTIVAL. Find all infos here!

Coming home: THE OTHER live in Leverkusen!

The Other coming home. Friday the 13th. KAW Leverkusen-Opladen. With our great friends Argyle Goolsby (Ex - Blitzkid) and The Cryptkeeper Five.

THE OTHER at Attitudefest Holland

THE OTHER will finally be returning to the Netherlands. It's been years! So come visit us at AttitudeFest on May 21st, THE major attraction for all Alternative-Fans. This is gonna be awesome.

THE OTHER final US-Tourdates


West-Coast-Atrocities Tour 2016

March 2: USA - Long Beach,CA - Dipiazzas
March 3: USA - Riverside CA - Mission Tobacco Lounge
March 4: USA - San Diego,CA - Til-Two Club

March 6: USA - Hollywood,CA - Whisky a Go Go
March 7: USA - Scottsdale,AZ - The Rogue Bar
March 8: USA - El Paso,TX - Paulina's Bad Lands Bar an Grill
March 9: USA - Albq,NM - Blu Phoenix Venue "The Compound 2"

March 11: USA - Many Farms,AZ - MF Bingo Hall
March 12: USA - Denver,CO - 3 Kings Tavern
March 13: USA - Salt Lake City,UT - Metro Bar
March 14: USA - Reno,NV - PB&J's
March 15: USA - Oakland,CA - The Golden Bull
March 16: USA - Las Vegas,NV - Beauty Bar Las Vegas

Infos on all dates HERE

The Other confirmed for Summer Breeze

THE OTHER will play the awesome Summer Breeze Festival for the third time and the first time since 2009. The band has great memories of the show seven years ago and really looks foreward to playing for the great crowd and with bands like Agnostic Front, Exodus, Eisbrecher, Steel Panther, Testament, Unleashed and many more!

THE OTHER confirmed for WACKEN

THE OTHER will play the world's largest Heavy Metal festival - the legendary Wacken Open Air - again in 2016. Other bands on the bill are: Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Foreigner, Ministry, Saxon, Steel Panther, Testament and dozens more.

Christmas Shopping with THE OTHER

THE OTHER shirts and CD's make the perfect christmas presents! Get all albums, new shirts, poster, patch and coffee-mug here: THE OTHER ONLINE SHOP

First The Other shows 2016 / US TOUR

Selected Live-Dates coming up in 2016 before our US-Tour!

After a freat Hell Nights Tour in Germany and an awesome tour of the UK we kick off the new year with three shows before we head over to the American West-Coast.

January 16th at the Freak-Show in Essen. The most intimate night ever. Blood, Sweat and Cheers! Info

January 30th at Boneshaker-Festival/Club Seilerstr. in Zwickau. The Other + Kitty in a Casket, Johnny Flesh & the redneck zombies and Hellgreaser.

February 20th at Bastard-Club Osnabrück with Iron Walrus.
10 JAHRE INKuisition (Tattoo & Piercing) Concert and Party!

AND March 2016: THE OTHER in the USA. More Info

US-Dates so far:
March 2: Long Beach, CA - Black Light District
March 3: Riverside, CA - Mission Tobacco
March 4: San Diego, CA - Til Two Club
March 5: Hollywood, CA - Whiskey A-Go-Go
March 7: Phoenix, AZ - tbc.
March 8: El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
Mach 9: Alberquerque, NM - The Jam Spot
March 10: Many Farms, AZ - Bingo Hall
March 12: Denver, CO - 3 Kings Tavern
March 13: Salt Lake City UT - Metro Bar
March 14: tbc.
March 15: Oakland, CA - Oakland Opera House
March 16: Las Vegas, NV - Dive Bar

Support on all dates: The B-Movie Monsters
Other supports very but include some great names like Shadow Windhawk, The Order of the Fly, The Limit Club, Psycho Charger, Orwell's Nightmare, Plan 9, Epitaph Romance...


New album "Fear Itself" OUT NOW!

"Fear Itself", the long awaited sixth album by Horror-Rockers THE OTHER is OUT NOW! Support the band by getting it right away! Comments on Facebook are much appreciated.

Order the album online on CD, Double Vinyl (extra-thick!) plus CD, or mp3 here:

Amazon CD & Vinyl
Amazon mp3
Google Play
Nuclear Blast

Watch the videoclip to "Dreaming of the devil" here!

"Dreaming of the Devil" - New Videoclip now online!

See the new videoclip here!! KLICK

Taken from the album "Fear Itself" (2015)
Written by: The Other
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Director: Mitja Arzensek,
Actress: Julie Stark
Make-Up: Sarah Hartgens
Choreography: Eleanor Hahn
Production: Valerie Götz
B-Roll-Camera: Chris Blankenheim

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